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In all gambling establishments long ago worked out a clear and uncompromising scheme, according to which it is impossible to just come and remove the bonus and leave. However, for beginners there is a naive view that the casino is easy to cheat it in bonuses. However, players should be aware that all bets are tracked by the operator not cheat will not work, as a bonus to stay still will not allow.

Gambling establishment in principle interested in increasing the number of players, and if considered from the point of view of competition, then - even more so. Therefore, some casinos practice referral bonuses, charging that occurs given in a friend or acquaintance. Also holding various tournaments and raffles is possible to isolate a separate group bonuses. This additional chances enrichment through play. During the tournament all participants who have made a definite contribution corresponding amounts charged, and then the game is, as usual, under the conditions. Whoever wins in the tournament more than anyone - gets the prize, which, by itself, can not be cashed, but you can raise it by a decent win.

Quite often there are various jokes among ordinary players. For example, the deposit may coincide with the start of a campaign and lucky it becomes a passive participant. The odds of winning are negligible, but no movement is generally not required, but if you win a new site is provided "adept" and who knows how many referrals he will. It happens that a lot.

There is also a form of promotion - give a prize to the player, for reasons of time they spent at the table or the person who made the highest bid. Quite often distributed gifts to almost all players. Typically, this is some trifle, but it performs its role perfectly. All these online casino bonuses are standard, but every self-respecting institution invents his exclusive views to encourage players. These usually include a variety of holiday sweepstakes, confined to any date - the day of opening the site, five thousandth customer day build local fan club, the day of the largest rates and other commemorative moments.