How To Play Baccarat

In its simplest form, baccarat game takes place between the two parties: the banker and the player, each of which is dealt two cards. Goal of the game - to score 9 points, or approximately this number: party with the most points wins. Others present at the table put on that party ("banker" or "player"), who, in their opinion, to win or draw. Although there are several versions of the game, the basic rules and procedures for its standard. In baccarat play on the table, in the form of an hourglass, with seven golf rates at its different ends. On the sides of the middle section has special grooves to accommodate two dealers and callers (Caller), who lead the process of the game. If a player or banker collects a combination equal to 9 points - he wins. If none of the participants scored 9 points, the winner is the one whose combination gives a total of 8 points. If none of the participants received the required number of players receive a third card.

Each dealer is responsible for chips and bet in his end of the table, while the caller controls the rate of participants playing the banker, player and / or a draw. Opposite dealers are boxes - one for each participant of the game - to collect the chips. In baccarat cards are one of the participants from the first position at the table. Sabot (special box for the cards) goes to the next participant in turn, and he assumes the role of banker. He is responsible for dealing cards as long as no one loses or leaves the game. In this case the sabot moves to the next member on the right (clockwise round the table).

Terms card game Baccarat simple enough. The main goal is to collect a combination of cards with a total of 9. The player who managed to score the value or as close to it, is the winner. Denomination cards are placed as follows: Ace is one point, the cards from 2 to 9 - in accordance with its own value, all the pictures and tens give 0 points. If the sum of the numbers on the player's hand is greater than ten, ten is subtracted from it, forming the resulting value on the basis of 13 - 10 = 3 points.

The player has the ability to do more than one fixed rate, but three, suggesting different final outcomes. First Player required field can be completed bidding on the field or Bank Tie. After the start of the game, by pressing the Deal, the dealer and the player receive two cards. In some cases, one or all of the participants may receive a third card. The same thing could happen in the case of implementing the rules of the third card.