How To Play Slot Machines

System "Zigzag" is what you're looking for a casino slot machine that will give about the jackpot . It is believed that in this way you increase your chances of a big win with every spin. There is no logic in this system is not, given that the slot machine reels controlled random number generator, and not by mechanical means, but many like to think that they will play a system that promises a big win. The simplest and most well-known system in the gaming world. Principle really is incredibly simple: if you lose one bet double the next bet. Martingale argues as follows: a uniform distribution of profits and losses of your loss increases your chances of winning. Therefore, doubling the bet, you will not only recoup previously lost money, but also make a profit. Logical, right.

Weak spot Martingale system is that expectations theory only works with a very large number of bets. In the sense that only very large arrays of examples we can see that the average number of wins and losses is approximately the same and we can neglect the small deviations. In each specific for a particular game, rather than the average player with a limited amount of play money any deviation from equal distribution of chances becomes fatal at some point. How many bets you can make at all, provided that you double your bet with each loss? Let's say you lost five times in a row, which is very common when you play the slots, so you will have to raise rates to a level at which the game will become so intense that the fun of it disappears.

Anti-Martingale system is more sophisticated than doubled Martingale, but not enough to experience any difficulties with its use in any game . The essence of the system is very simple: should reduce its rate exactly twice after every loss and increase twice after each win. Sounds pretty logical when you consider that over 50% of the spins on the slot machines necessarily losing. Anti-Martingale thus promises to reduce our loss during the "black bar" - if we're unlucky with each spin halve the rate, and dramatically increase the gain upon the occurrence of a successful wave.

In fact, all is not so rosy, by the time when we get lucky, our rates can be really miserable, and when luck turns away - the rate will be very solid. In general, our chances of winning the Anti-Martingale does not increase, but it helps to manage the resources in real time, if it's any consolation.