Playing Baccarat Game

It determined way of life of each young girl. Earlier in baccarat played only aristocrats. Participate fully in the game ordinary people could not afford. In Spain, for example, does not come across the name «Baccarat», but «Pinto Bank» used everywhere. In France, too, the original name is not popular, and the game is called chiming de far («a piece of iron", "tin", "railroad"). In other states, you can also find different names: "Nine", "Macao" and others. However, despite all the styles and types, the game is present in every corner of the world, and without it can not do today, not only aristocrats but also simple gamblers. On pages of our site you can play baccarat at the online casino , and also to familiarize with the rules of the game , history and strategy .

Certainly most of the readers are very familiar with the basic rules of baccarat, but Temblor considers necessary to tell them those who are just starting to learn about this amazing game. Today, the biggest casino in the world do not meet the classic version of the game - all participate in a modified version, which is called "Pinto Blanco" or "Mini-Baccarat". The main goal of the game - to score nine points, or as close as possible to the value of nines. Value figures:

An important feature is that account, when the sum exceeds nine cards, it is subtracted from the 10 points, and the resulting residue was taken into account as the primary account. Example 5 +6 = 11, 11-10 = 1. If the player hands 5 6 (11), then in the end he has only one active point. At the beginning of each hand the banker and the player receive two cards. Those who after receiving the card remains active more points wins. However, if none of the participants do not have 8 or 9, or if a player from 0 to 5 points, a third card is issued.

"Royal" process extremely simple but amazingly entertaining. Uncle Gambia never misses an opportunity to take part in baccarat, as this is the game demonstrates success in all her glory. No system, no possibility to determine in advance the outcome, but there is emotion, passion and excitement that allow breathe. Today Uncle Gambia tell about the latter, namely the game of baccarat, which of the private rooms and royal living gradually moved all casinos in the world and today entertains millions of people. In the novel "Casino Royal" in 1953 the legendary 007 from all gambling entertainment prefer baccarat game, whereupon she became featured in many movies with James Bond.