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In fact, gambling houses not threatened: Thorpe extraordinarily complex system to implement in practice. Could relax, but in 1963 in Las Vegas held computer conference organizers, inspired by the global success of the book and relevant Thorpe scandal in the media, it was included in the section "Using computers in games of chance and skill." Thorpe himself was invited to chair the group of experts on various casino games including roulette, blackjack, baccarat and others. Interest in the work of the section was huge: hall was packed with performances by players-geek, crowds jostled in the aisle and greedily devoured every word. Everybody expected revelations from the Thorpe hoped that he will reveal to them the secret of how to "beat the dealer."

And, despite the series of boring speeches, which are basically little corrected or added to the system slightly Thorpe sensation took place: the audience was presented to Harvey Dunbar. He did not repeat truisms. And presented his system - "Hi-Lo┬╗ (Hi-Low), the essence of which is that the deck is divided into high cards (10, J, Q, K, A) and low (2,3,4,5, 6), others (7, 8, 9) when the score was not counted. When Dunbar finished his presentation and description of the system, the hall applauded him a standing ovation - it was a real practical game system that is easy to understand, remember and apply while playing in the casino.

The system of "high-low" was included in the new edition of Thorp in 1966. Since that time, professional attack on the casino did not stop: more than hundreds of professional books on blackjack-research system team against the casino shuffle trekking, hidden computers and as a result of growing professionalism security casinos worldwide.

In this article we consider the most effective betting system , their principles, advantages and disadvantages. Casino has nothing against such systems, and in any case they optimize the game. Even if you have none of these betting systems will not work, be aware of them will still be useful. If you have decided that article we'll tell you about the systems of counting cards, then nothing: in fact, the casino does not like "card counters" and are trying by all means get rid of them. Therefore, if you learn to count cards, you play blackjack you will effectively, but not for long.