Tips Of Online Slots Machine

Slot machines at online casinos, perhaps, have the fewest differences from machines in casinos. Judge for yourself, here and there a game going on the monitor screen, and the game play is computer generated. It used for the loss of characters in the machine answered mechanical reels, and now is doing electronic RANG (random number generator). The principle of playing online slot machines, I think, all known and understood. Virtual drums coated with various graphic symbols that randomly fall on the playing field. In the classical gaming machine usually has three drums while playfield has one to three of the lines on which winning combinations and look. Goal - to build a winning combination that's like three sevens in the picture above. Show the way, dear winning combination in this slot. In modern slot machines online the number of reels and pay lines tend to infinity :) For example, Tomb Raider video slot Gold fishcake has 5 reels and 15 pay lines.

With this you can have more control over the number of pay lines that you are satisfied. Generally, of course, slot machines are the most popular type of online casino games. Matter and their variety is amazing even the most inveterate player in traditional casinos. Slots have for every taste and graphics, and design, and "tricked out" in terms of pay lines, and bonus games and free spins.

But with all this variety and splendor, do not forget that the percentage of payments to players in any slot machine is strictly fixed and is set on the stage of game programming. Therefore, as you would not choose pay lines, no matter how much you did not get free spins and bonus games, payouts still it does not change. By the way, the percentage of payments in video slots online casino. For various reasons, it is an order of magnitude higher than in conventional casinos and could easily reach 96%. I.e., with every $ 100 bets, you only lost 4 rubles. Agree, this is a small fee for the adrenaline and excitement that you feel when you play slot machines. Especially because you can still win :) And even hit the jackpot!

Jackpots in online slots is another story. Jackpots are going to rate the players and often attain very large sums before they pluck lucky. Not uncommon 100000th and even millions of jackpots. And those jackpots are won, a vivid example - UK resident Amanda R., rip almost $ 1.5 million in online slots.