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Easy to use only contributes to its popularity, and survivability Martingale indicates that it has been repeatedly verified in the case and proved its effectiveness. The principle of the system extremely simple: you need to double the bet after every loss. For example, you bet blackjack $ 10 to the first loss in the event of failure double your next bet to $ 20, because you have to win back lost money, if again lose, double the bet to forty. A system Blusher effective enough for all its seeming intricacy: in case of loss rates are rising and we need to play the lost. But it suffers from the same shortcomings as the Martingale system: the player can rest against the upper limit of the rates for the table after a series of setbacks.

Theoretically, the Martingale system is a sure win, provided that your bankroll (all the money in the account at the casino) is large enough and you can not afford to double the bet after every loss. But the casino there is a system of limits or ceiling on rates, which is why the Martingale system may not always be used in practice. In addition, there is a danger to the next player: you can persevere in the Martingale system, spend a lot of time to get to the upper limit of rates and start "black bar" at a huge rate.

A complicated system of Blusher Martingale system and it destroys her. This system is like a game with yourself. Rules of the game for system A Boucher in principle not very complicated: you record a series of numbers like 1, 3, 3, 5, 7, 10 in ascending order. Unprincipled what should be the number, just make sure that the progression increases and not too big. Now we use a number of its properties as follows: to determine the rate we take the first and last number of the series, the sum of these numbers is the amount. In our case, the first bet will be 11 denominations (1 + 10).

After winning a pair of cross out 1 and 10, i.e. the first and the last number, and go to the next pair (3 + 7). The idea is to win as long as cross out all the numbers of a series. If the bet is lost, we write the number of denominations, if Bet that lost at the end of a series of numbers and did not cross out. Thus, after losing the first bet our next bet would be 12 denominations (1 + 11).