Tips Online Casino Games

Gambling is one of the means to achieve this, which causes people since ancient times. During the game, people experience a variety of feelings from euphoria to fear, depression and sadness. This often leads to disappointment when the game accumulated debt and out of control. Nevertheless, people continue to play casino games for money , risking everything they have. Dealing with fraudsters casino People accused of fraud are undesirable in all places, especially in the online casino . Types of fraud, which are usually made in the casino include a review of Money Transfer (born Chargeback) after payment via credit card, use of stolen credit cards, identity theft and Player bonus chanting . One of the issues raised in recent times, is money laundering. In addition to direct losses resulting from fraud, casinos face the problem of loss of reputation, which significantly reduces attendance. In the future, it may be the most devastating problem for online casinos. That is why online casino fraud prevention engaged on several levels.

These measures may be taken by organizations whose main goal is to identify people who have committed fraud in the online casinos. Such organizations serve a database such industries as financial services, retail shopping, social networking and gaming industry. They offer their services online casino on a commercial basis. New players are checked in databases of these organizations for fraud. Even if they committed fraud in other areas, they will be denied registration in the casino.

Many online casinos prefer this organization with its ability to keep the casino open for business and closed for fraudsters. In addition to database maintenance perpetrators of Internet fraud, Lavation also created a database of devices, including computers, laptops, mobile devices, through which were committed fraud online.

When a new application is served in an online casino, Lavation identifies the client computer and compares it to a database. If fraud has been committed with the use of this device - the application is rejected. Currently the database is stored Lavation information on more than 390 million devices, and their number is growing with each new test.